What’s in a Name?

English: Simulation of dyslexic vision

English: Simulation of dyslexic vision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many learning disorders, the one most talked about is Dyslexia… or as I would like to say, Lysdexia. (Gee, Google/Wikipedia recognize “lysdexia” and refer it to “dyslexia”!) But there are others and actually Dyslexia has a wider spectrum of symptoms than most might realize. Dyslexia is not just about scrambling letters or numbers so that “the” becomes “het” to the dyslexic’s observation. Or sometimes numbers or letters look backward. It doesn’t matter how careful the word is looked at, it comes out scrambled. It happens often enough to become an issue.

(ed. – Please note that this is not a clinical article about learning disorders so there are likely terms used improperly and similar other issues with it.)

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Chalk Board (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some the disability doesn’t show often, but for others it is crippling toward their education and learning. It slows reading and can make handwriting torture. For some, the issues that come up with handwriting do not bother them if they are working on a keyboard. For others it is just about universal.

There are other sorts of disorders however that people can have that can hamper learning… and other aspects of life.

Consider having a problem with recalling names. Not just what most people have with forgetting a name that they know, but having problems learning that name in the first place. Names and numbers seem to become hazy mirages in the mind.

(ed. – perhaps this is an aspect of Dyslexia?)

English: A university classroom. (Jones Hall a...

English: A university classroom. (Jones Hall at Princeton University.) © 2005 Joseph Barillari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History class can become a bit of a nightmare when you can’t remember the dates of events or the names of the people and places involved. It can be very frustrating trying to come up with the answers to history questions… “It was a battle that occurred in a place. But it was fundamental in the formation of a country…”

"they still have phone booths in ak"

“they still have phone booths in ak” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Addresses and phone numbers can become a bit of a maze as well. Forgetting the first half of a phone number before hearing the last half can really get irritating. Back in the days of pay phones, if you needed a number and there was no phone book, directory assistance could help locate the number for you, but if you had no paper or pen, and had that sort of problem with remembering numbers, you were lost. The operator couldn’t (wouldn’t?) dial the number for you, and by the time they told you the last 4 digits of the phone number you’d forget the first three digits.

English: Greensleeves Vinyl:War by Wailing Sou...

English: Greensleeves Vinyl:War by Wailing Souls & Rankin Trevor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having a problem with names and titles can really hamper looking up a song you enjoy. How can you find a song if you couldn’t remember the name of the artist, band, or song title? (Now with modern Internet search engines, you can type in just the part of the lyrics you recall and it can find or suggest the title/artist.) How often might you hear a song and want to look it up so you could purchase it yourself, but be at a loss as to how to locate it… it can even be difficult to realize what recording artists you like simply because you can never recall who sang what with which band.

Having pen and paper handy at all times is a solution, but then you still have to organize your notes so you can find what you are looking for.

…but it is most embarrassing to need months or years to actually learn a new friend’s name.

An Artistic Crunch! Big Bang?

Indika Ball PenI think we are coming to an “Artistic Crunch” or perhaps “Big Bang”?

When you consider the options open to budding authors and writers, singers and song writers, animators and film producers, and even software developers — there are so many venues that a person really has to either shine like a super-nova or be incredibly lucky to be successful in this new age.

When i entered my teen years, I could look at the school library — which was fairly decent — and reasonably decide to read every science-fiction book in the library. There simply were not that many science-fiction authors around — including classical ones. I was a bit in the dark regarding the genre of fantasy or horror. Now, not only are there whole sections in bookstores and even whole bookstores which cater the fantasy, science-fiction, and other speculative fiction, but so many new books and authors come out that I know I don’t recognize many.

With the Internet, there are very many more options for creative endeavours and these are not just fiction and art. There are whole periodical news sites and reference sites and quite professionally done. In fact it can be difficult sometimes to tell the fake from the real — the well researched from the off the cuff flights of fancy. Musicians and film makers have so many ways they can express themselves they can easily get lost and even gems can get lost with oly one or two viewers or people as an audience.

Even while major publishers and retailers are having problems adapting to this electronic age, they also have a glut of material to select from. There are also very many talented people desperate to be read or heard that they are nearly giving their material away for pennies.

The time where the Internet may have made it easy for an artist to come out into the open — I think — are gone. Now it is a new struggle to be noted. At least there is plenty of space to practice practice practice.

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