A Crippled Generation? — part 3 of 3

Everywhere I look I see a crippled generation. I don’t mean people with actual physical or mental disabilities, but those people who are crippling themselves.

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A postcard (circa 1911) depicting a man and a ...

A postcard (circa 1911) depicting a man and a women dressed in the fashion of the era. Woman wears a hobble skirt, man points to her with his thumb. Caption: The Hobble Skirt “What’s that? It’s the speed-limit skirt!”  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There used to be a garment called a “hobble skirt“. They were long skirts… to the calf at least …that were tight around the knees and produced an effect not unlike hobbles used to keep horses from moving far. They are also used on prisoners so they can’t run.

The days of the hobble skirt are long passed, but both men and women are hobbling themselves.

Men are wearing pants where the waist is worn at the hip or lower and the crotch of the pants is at the knees. I haven’t a clue where this style came from, though suspect Rap or some other genre.

I think they are called saggy pants?

A number of times watching “Cops” and similar shows where police are chasing suspects that are wearing such trousers, the suspect is at an extreme disadvantage. If the pants stay in place it hinders their running, and often the waist slips down. The pants now with the belt around their knees hobbles them. Sometimes even sliding to the ankles and they are running like someone with their pants around their ankles.

A man walking with saggy pants in Paris.

A man walking with saggy pants in Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am personally reminded of the pants for toddlers with extra room for the diaper and snaps between the legs for easier changes. I wonder if the wearers of these saggy rapper pants realize what they look like?

Regardless of whether it is a “style choice” and not a statement of some sort, they sure do a great job of hobbling a person.

Men aren’t the only ones hobbling themselves. I noticed a lot of women who had an odd gait. They just didn’t look like they were walking right. Then I noticed their shoes. Some had very high stiletto heels, others had chunky clog like soles. High Heels 800Regardless they looked almost camel-like as they walked. If they ever had to walk far or fast they’d have to get out of those shoes.

I know some things are fashion trends, but are we really a society that needs to be hobbled?

Actually, I am rather fond of fashion, even high fashion or couture, but on the street rather than at a night-club or fancy dress ball, it seems rather silly and crippling.

Taken as a whole, Cell phone in hand, wide temple glasses, hoodie on, pants down to the knees, and high platform shoes, makes for a very crippling ensemble. Or as some would put it:


This is the end of the three part article. Well… there is one more thing on the subject to come next Tuesday. In the mean-time have a look at a cartoon I did that is related: The New Handicap — Wheel Tales of Willow City

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