A Crippled Generation? — part 2 of 3

Everywhere I look I see a crippled generation. I don’t mean people with actual physical or mental disabilities, but those people who are crippling themselves.

Continued from “A Crippled Generation? — part 1 of 3

eyeglasses on white 800Eyeglasses have been around for centuries. The purpose of course is to improve vision one way or another. (Though for some the purpose is style.) Reading glasses, driving glasses, sunglasses, and just plain eyeglasses have frames that come in many different styles. Over the years new styles have come up and old ones relegated to nostalgia shops.

eyeglasses-166417_1280 1000I’ve noted a disturbing trend in many eyeglass frame. Those are glasses that have very wide “temples”. Temple is the proper term used for the “arms” of the frame.

They look stylish and some even have a purpose. However, they also act like the “blinders” a race horse or draft horse might wear to help them focus on the track/road ahead. It stops the horse from being distracted. Of course the jockey or wagoner/driver has a clear view to the sides. This is unlike the wearers of these fashionable frames.

glasses 01 1000Perhaps the wearer doesn’t like distraction so they can focus on the road ahead or their phone. The frames do play havoc with the peripheral vision. That means you are less likely to notice a person or motor vehicle approaching from the side.

Sunglasses 800There are some sunglasses where the temples help protect the eyes from light entering from the sides. The sunglasses like these most often don’t have solid temples, they have clear sections consisting of the same material the lenses are.

SignsProtection0004_1_SThere are also protective glasses that protect the eyes from debris caused by grinding or other manufacturing sorts of processes. Lab techs might also where glasses with side protection. In those cases they also have transparent temples beside the eyes. These protective pieces of eye-wear are often for times when full lab goggles aren’t considered necessary. People doing sports like racquetball and some other sports also have such protective glasses. Some don’t even have lenses, but have narrow enough openings that a ball can’t enter.

hoodie 03 800Of course that’s not the only way people are putting blinders on…

Hoods are useful, they can keep the Sun or rain off your head; they keep you warm; they can give you a feeling of anonymity; they can help you go incognito. Hoodies are prevalent among today’s youth and young adults.

hoodie 01 800Hoodies have many good things going for them. Of course they also allow you to focus on what is directly ahead of you and allow you to avoid distractions to either side.

Distractions like approaching cars; distractions like people to either side…

Each to their own I guess… but hoodies can act like blinders too.

See part three this coming Saturday. In the mean-time have a look at a cartoon I did that is related: The New Handicap — Wheel Tales of Willow City

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