A Crippled Generation? — part 1 of 3

Everywhere I look I see a crippled generation. I don’t mean people with actual physical or mental disabilities, but those people who are crippling themselves.

young-woman-with-cell-phone 2 800I think that we’ve all seen young people with their smart phone grafted to their hand. They don’t seem to put it down for any reason, even when they are fumbling to accomplish some complicated task with only one hand, a shoulder, their feet — complicated tasks like opening a door.

They remind me of “The Ood” from Dr Who. The “Ood” are a species of aliens always have a sphere in their right hand which translated languages for them. They acted a servants and workers during one time period in the future on various planets. It seemed very odd to me that the Ood would handicap themselves by always having that sphere in one hand.

handicapping smart phone 1 800People in our society don’t need to keep that hand occupied by a smart phone. There are cases, pouches, and many other places to tuck that telephone.

Of course, in part the issue is that these smart phone users simply want to stay in contact with their friends via text messages or talking on that phone. “Texting” actually takes two hands to write messages, though to read them only one.

They also want to be be entertained. So they have music, videos, games and more there in their hands.

living_with_a_cell_phone_08 800What cripples them is that they want to stay in touch and be entertained all the time. I’ve seen a young mother walking across a cross-walk at a fairly busy intersection pushing a stroller, walking a dog, and texting, or simply holding her smart phone. (image is not of that lady) Can you imagine taking care of a toddler and being in control of a dog, all with one hand?

It’s quite sad really. That is especially when there are people who would dearly love to have a second hand they can use, but only have the use of one hand — not because they are holding a phone.

See part two this coming Thursday. In the mean-time have a look at a cartoon I did that is related: The New Handicap — Wheel Tales of Willow City

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The New Handicap by DWPenner