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Technology marches onward.

What’s the fruit of the day? I was just listening to a news story on the new Blackberry smart phones. Can we really still call them phones?

I know some cynics really dig at the idea of so many things being in so many devices. Having cameras and music players and video players all in the telephone makes him think that there’s just mediocrity in electronics. They say if you want a camera get a camera because a camera built into a phone just won’t do a good job. I say that it’s all fine and good to have a great camera that takes great pictures, but if you don’t have that camera with you you won’t be taking that nice picture. It’s a picture taken at the spur of the moment that tends to get the awards. That is unless you’re one of these great National Geographic photographers whose job it is to take photographs. Of course they always have a huge camera bag with them wherever they go, but do you wander around with a 40 pound bag of cameras and lenses?

Comunicando 114 ¿Qué móvil prefieres? iPhone, ...

Comunicando 114 ¿Qué móvil prefieres? iPhone, BlackBerry o Android (Photo credit: jagelado)

In any case I rather like the fact there’s some competition between smart phone manufacturers. I like that Apple had the competition of all those Android phones. I mean I like the iPhone — I don’t have one, I’ve got an iPod touch, but it gives me a good idea of what the iPhone can do. From what I’m led to understand the Android phones do as well or better. Actually I have good friends who take every chance they get to take a dig at Apple and hype Android. Things seem very partisan to me. I would be very happy if Rimm and their Blackberry do well. I like the idea of more competition in the market.

I wonder how the new Blackberry would interface with my MacBook?

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