The choice of the Garden Wall

I have gone with “The Garden Wall” for the name. Not to stick with “The Gnome’s Garden”  theme, (Gnomes are the theme used in a number of online projects of mine.) but because throughout my life my interaction with Dad often has been around Walls and Fences. When I was 2 or 3 we worked on the fence of Mom and Dad’s first house. We worked on the fences of all the homes. We also built walls in the basements of the houses and I learnt a lot of skills and it was time Dad and I could spend together. We also built a great stone retaining wall. It was functional and decorative and will stand for who knows how long… as long as the house and could outlast it even.

Garden WallBut building walls and fences we chatted and talked… and I grumbled a lot about the work… and early on learnt about workmanship and the value of hard work and that if you put your mind to it, you could do most anything.

And then… building the fences and wall we chatted with neighbours and when we were landscaping around the wall… we visited more. The wall with lush grass planted above parts of it, was so nice to sit on and so solid. We could take pride in it validly.

If you see these words again, it will have become a post on The Garden Wall.


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